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Artificial application of water to the land


We are temporary partly closed due to injury. You can still call us for wire tracking and zone maping service.


Located in Winter Park, Florida

About McCoy Irrigation

We thrive in quality service in professional knowledge in the irrigation system setup where we are able to keep your lawn green and save as much water in the process.

What to expect from an irrigation service?

  1. When the irrigation system is under constant water pressure, that means the system is connected to city water or any water pump system with a reserve tank that is always under pressure even when the irrigation system is not running. We check for any main-line water leak by looking at the water meter or the pressure gauge.
  2. Make a quick walk through on the property to spot any major water damage and make repairs before turning on the system.
  3. Run the system on test cycle, running each zone for a short period of time to visually inspect and flag any problems on each zone such as leaking spray head, clogged filter, stuck/broken rotors, zone line leaks and adjustment to the spray heads.
  4. We will note any areas that could use improvement or areas that are not getting any/enough water and let you know how we can improve this.
  5. Once we go over all the zones, then we make the repairs and clean out clogged nozzles.
  6. After all repairs are done, we run the system again and make adjustments to the new spray heads and make sure the problems are corrected.
  7. Last we look at the current programming in the controller, make any necessary changes and make notes regarding these changes for future reference and advise you how and when to save on watering.

What to expect when you call us?

We will ask you a few questions:

  1. What is the reason for calling us today (new service, routine checkup, or repair)
  2. Your name, telephone number and address
  3. For routine/repair call, the location of controller/timer box
  4. Time that is convenient for us to come out

If you are calling for a routine service call, we charge by the hour and any materials used. When you call us for a routine service, we will go over your concerns and give you an estimate of time over the phone; which will be based on property size and number of zones. We will tell you that any damage from tree roots will take more time than the normal service call to cut through and repair the break. If the controller is in the garage, we would need access to the controller box when checking the system and performing any repair service. When setting an appointment, we will set a time to perform the service and we will be happy to meet with you to go over the details and show us what your focuses and needs are before starting the repair service.

You may be interested in a new irrigation system or to change/modify/improve your current system. In this case, we will set up a time to meet with you to give you an on site estimate in person and go over the details. We offer a free quote/estimate for residence and commercial properties up to one hour. Typically, with most residential jobs, the details of a new system will not take more than an hour, usually anywhere from 15-45 minutes. If for any reason it takes more than an hour to look at the current system for the first time (usually only large commercial systems) time spent and charges will be credited into the service of the quote.

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